' An eye for an eye and then the whole world will be blind (Gandhi)'

     For the sake of our children and grandchildren, let's visualize a better world.


    With love and light,




     On August 20th 1994 a pure White Buffalo Calf was born in the USA. They named her ‘Miracle’.
    To the Lakota (Sioux nation) the White Buffalo symbolizes hope and renewal, harmony among all
    people and a joining of all races of man so that we may walk together, united as ‘a People’.
    Since the birth of Miracle, all over the world white animals are born. To the Lakota prophecy the 
    appearance of these unusual colored animals is a sign. These animals have been trying to warn
    humanity for ages of the inevitable changes Mother Earth has in store for us. They also warn us to
    take the time to better understand each other and remind us to reclaim our soul-essence and our 
    personal power.
    What’s more, ‘white’ is not really ‘a color’ but rather the presence of all the frequencies
    of visible light,  a beautiful light carried by his animals.
    I  do hope that someday we all can walk the earth as ‘one’.
    I am because we are,

    The name ‘Monos’ is of Greek origin and not only means ‘alone’ but also ‘one’.
    I didn’t pick this name by chance.
    Painting is a very solitary activity, nevertheless when I paint I feel more connected with my Soul
    and Life.
    I do not feel lonely because I am One.
    To me painting is healing, becoming whole.
    I am very grateful being able to create in freedom.
    Monique (coming from Monos wink)

    Traditional paintings 'Art for a new earth'


     English version

     Nederlandse versie