Full of wonder

For this painting I took inspiration from fractals, spirals and sacred geometry in nature. It’s a wonder how these repeating mathematical sequences can be found everywhere. Many artists use Fibonacci and the golden ratio in their work.In my view, these geometries are the connection of all life – also present in the so-called void – … Read moreFull of wonder

Happy field

During the darkest days of the year I feel the need to create light and color around me. This work has become an explosion of both. I enjoyed working on this creation for weeks, flower by flower. If you look closely, you can also discover butterflies and bees.Enjoy watching, hopefully you will feel the sun’s … Read moreHappy field


Everything is energy. The universe, our earth and all life, even so-called solid matter (Einstein called this solidified energy) is energy. We ourselves are powerful energetic beings and the creators of our own lives. I feel we can do much more than we think. The quantum era offers us more and more insights, we can … Read moreEnergy

Close up

As a child I loved to visit my grandparents who lived in the garden city in Boom. I remember the beautiful hydrangeas that graced nicely (it was the way people did it back then 😉 in the middle of the front garden. Behind the house was a small courtyard (plus shed) followed by a garden … Read moreClose up


Pastel on pastelmat, pastelpan and pastel pencils. Everything is temporary and eternal at the same time. Energy loses its form but remains energy, nothing is lost.Here I chose the dandelion that sends the seeds hanging from small white umbrellas into the world after flowering.The dandelion is edible by the way and is used as a … Read moreTemporary