Best wishes

Dear all,

In my heart of hearts I belief that most people are good. If we follow the mainstream narrative, we would think that the world is ruined. But what if we can create our world ourselves? What if we focus our energy on what we want instead of what we don’t want? In my previous “New Year’s letter” I was talking about the connection with our hearts and our inner compass. From this energy we can contribute to a better world for everyone. No division, no polarity/duality, only awareness that everything is connected.

Through the water I send love, peace, compassion, gratitude, health, creativity, positivity, strength, abundance and much more, into the world. We learned from Masuru Emoto that water can indeed carry the frequency of the intention, both positive and negative. If we realize that we ourselves mostly consist of water, you can check how words or actions can influence our frequency. That is why I chose to wish you all the best through light and water.
Dreams are not an illusion, we just have to believe 😉

A loving and peaceful 2024 from my husband Robert and myself.

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