I like to call most of my pictures ‘art for a new earth’.

In the turbulent times of our era, it sometimes seems difficult to find your balance and to keep your eyes open for the beauty in life. The news continuously reports on wars, drama and negative events, creating a stream of fear that inhibits the average person from seeing clear. We’re rotating in an illusionary reality and more above, we’ve forgotten of who and what we really are… The answer and key-word is consciousness.

Many of us are awaking and choose for a life of awareness. For those, life is no longer focusing on ‘me’ but ‘us’; after all we all originate from a common source.

It’s absolutely necessary to speak from the heart and to be led by pure feelings, keeping in mind that every deed has its consequences. An act is preceded by a thought but is evenly shaped by what we feel.

And this is exactly where the problem is situated. If we all go along with emotions of fear and negativity, the result will likely be negative as well.
So this means we’re not completely helpless in our current world; we can direct our thoughts and balance our emotions in order to create a new reality -a New Earth- through a joint consciousness.

The paintings on this site represent my contribution for a new earth. They were all created from the heart and with love for life.
Some of them are based on ancient wisdom and folklore truths of indigenous tribes; others are just a fragment of what I see or feel or they’re just a respectful homage to our mother Earth and her inhabitants.

Especially animals and children are the most vulnerable group in our society and I am grateful that I can speak on their behalf.

Sometimes I feel the urge to create cartoons. Most of the time these subjects are very light and meant to amuse the spectator. Humor sets free and enlightens the mind. At other times, I aim at a certain situation – thus criticizing it.
Drawing this pictures can also give my fulfillment.

Dear people, I hope that you will enjoy your visit to this site. Hold on to your wonderful energy, have compassion and believe in yourselves; it is your birthright to be happy!