Higher consciousness

It is my belief we are more than just this body. The older I get, the more this feeling transcends our 3D world.

We can call it the soul, higher self, higher consciousness… the words are not really important, the feeling matters.

When we experience the connection with the higher self, we find ourselves in a more expanded dimension, also called eagle consciousness.

Let’s imagine you’re in a big box, you only see the walls, the floor, the ceiling. When you realize that you are in a box, you are able to break out and perceive what’s outside.

The eagle, situated outside the box, is a metaphor for our higher consciousness overviewing a bigger picture.

When we realize that we are beacons of Light, we can see we’re connected, not only with our soul but also with each other.

‘You are Light,

I am Light,

We are Light!

Love you


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