The last letter of the Greek alphabet symbolizes the end of something.

For many of us it is clear that the world is changing. This has to do with the increase in frequency. There is more ‘Light’ and where the light shines, the ‘Dark’ becomes visible.

I see a timeline where we pass through the gate of the Omega into another reality. In this world the old systems/power structures will crumble because dark can no longer exist in the light, the dirt in the corners becomes visible.

We leave the mechanical, Newtonian way of thinking behind and enter the holistic quantum fields, where possibilities are endless. It is up to us to create this new earth, we are much more powerful than we realize. We are now allowed to discover as little children how to navigate this higher frequency.

We are going to do it in a sovereign way, speaking our truth from our heart and love for life, with respect for our earth and nature.

A new beginning 🙂

Sending love into the world

Monique (Monos)

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