A new beginning

Shifting from 2021 to 2022….

During a meditation – about 25 years ago – my inner child walked through a large forest. A crystal temple appeared at the end of my path and I noticed someone at the top of the stairs beckoning me. With the power of thought I immediately found myself inside the temple. To my great surprise there were no walls, instead I saw images of people all over the world. I watched the suffering all over the world and a great sense of compassion overcame me.

An experience that has stayed with me all these years.

A while ago I asked my higher consciousness to let me go back to the temple and show me the future.

At first I saw nothing, only fog, then tears welled up in me, no, not out of fear or sorrow, but out of love. I felt clearly how everything is one, it’s not just about you or me, it’s about us. When the fog lifted (current chaos) I saw how we start to live from our hearts, matter will become less important, human values ​​will form the foundation for our society. Old systems that no longer serve us will crumble. We’ll become aware of who we really are: creators of our own lives.

I already created this magical work 😉

My husband Robert and I wish you all the strength and love to break through the fog and experience the wonder of life.

It’s everyone’s birthright to be happy.

Namasté, Monique ( Monos)

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