The Grail

Much has been written (and filmed) about “The Grail”. According to traditions it could be a chalice. Christ would have drunk from this and it would have been used to collect his blood under the cross.

Other sources state that it is not a chalice at all, but that it means “sang real” and could relate to a possible child of Christ and Mary Magdalene.

I have a different experience.

Many years ago I was visiting a little church in Tréhorenteuc, located in Forêt Brocéliande, Brittany. It was a very spiritual experience in which I became aware of the real meaning of the Grail. In my opinion, the Grail symbolizes the way (gate) to your heart, the source of unconditional love. If we say “I” we are not pointing at our head (would be crazy) but at our heart,  the essence of our soul. The pigeon symbolizes peace, with peace in our hearts we are a satisfied and happy people.

This is my fourth picture about the Grail, they are all different and yet I am moved every single time.

With love,


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