Earth’s treasure

Past year one of the headlines showed us an outbreak of fierce fires in the Amazon, frequently started by farmers and landlords. They want to use the land for stockbreeding and agriculture. Genetically modified soy – this variety is more resistant to pesticides – is grown for animal feed. Not very vegan but not exactly healthy either. It now appears that after removal of the trees and plants, the soil can only be used temporarily. Apparently the soil is not as fertile as people thought, certainly not for the crops they want to grow. We know that the rainforest not only regulates the climate but as well contains a treasure of tree species, insects, plant species, mammals, birds, etc.  But also bananas, chocolate, coffee, to name a few, find their origins in the Amazon. Lesser known however very important is the use of medicinal plants serving as raw materials for medicines.

The indigenous peoples have repeatedly appealed to stop cutting down trees, I can only hope that common sense will ultimately win over money.

Out of respect for all life, I created this magical scene, an ode to biodiversity in one of the most beautiful places on this planet.

My husband Robert and I wish you balance and harmony in your life, love in your heart and enough strength to cope with the challenges that come your way.



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