As most of you will know, I like to speak on behalf of animals and children, the most vulnerable group in our society.

This creation puts the tiger in the spotlight, a mighty creature which is still on the list of endangered species. Did you know that 97 % of the tiger population disappeared during the last century? (source WWF)

Their habitat has become very small and poaching is still happening.

Fortunately, there are people who are committed to improving the situation, not only are traps made harmless, but they also try to make people aware that there is room for all life.

Personally I feel that wild animals don’t belong in a cage, my heart breaks when I see a tiger paing up and down on a small surface.

I believe children have a natural respect for these beautiful animals, adults (some) prefer to dominate nature, the result is imbalance.

So I’m still having faith in our youth, they are the future, but our support is essential.

Loving life,


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