Inner peace and female principle

Inner peace and the feminine principle

When old systems collapse and external certainty seems to disappear, we can only find the truth within ourselves.

The connection to our heart and our ‘higher self’ can assist to bring balance in our lives. We can no longer rely on the information given through media etc. We need an inner compass.

Our left hemisphere falls short here. You cannot reason everything, this is a Newtonian way of thinking that will no longer work in the future. We are entering a quantum era where everything is possible, we are the creators of our lives.

When you embrace peace, you are at peace with yourself. We don’t have to be caught up by all kinds of doomsday scenarios, but need to follow our own truth. The feminine principle, the gentle side of humanity, can now be integrated in order to balance ourselves and thus the world.

Our frequency is hereby important, fear and anger lower our vibration, love and kindness raise our consciousness. We don’t need to do great things, small gestures are equally important. And we should certainly not forget to love ourselves.

My husband Robert and I wish you a loving and peaceful 2023.

Monos – Monique

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