The Quest

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Everyone will remember the poignant image of the orangutan attacking an excavator because its world was being destroyed.

People’s actions are causing problems all over the world. Deforestation and over-exploitation of the earth significantly reduces the habitat of wild animals. Poaching, illegal trade, but also climate change and pollution do not help.Fortunately, there are people who are committed to improving the living conditions of the animals, I can only hope that this awareness grows.

To me, painting (digital or otherwise) is more than designing with lines and colors, it is an expression of my inner passion to preserve our earth and life, a soul’s mission.

As you can see, the animals were made separately. The basic image of earth was provided by the NASA website, I used different filters/blending modes to get the desired result.
The whole forms ‘The Quest’, a search for a better life…

From my heart,

(details tiger: see previous post)

Building up…

The ice was made with a ‘rock brush’, provided by Brusheezy. I created several layers with different filters and blending modes to create the feeling of ice.

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