My inner voice (which got louder and louder?) urged me to create something about frequency (vibration).

Imagine different bandwidths, each with a range between the respective highest and lowest frequencies. Should frequencies/waves be higher or lower within that bandwidth, there is no connection.

Every living being has its own frequency, including viruses, which I presume have a different, probably lower vibration. Would it not be possible if we increase our vibration, these viruses cannot reach our bandwidth and connection is impossible?

In other words, we don’t get ill anymore…

If we picture Love (connectedness) as the highest vibration and Fear (sense of separation) the lowest, I suppose we can make a difference ourselves.

Besides, should we raise our consciousness (vibration) we will probably make better choices for our planet and all life, including ourselves.

While I was creating this, I deliberately turned off the radio and listened to nature sounds on youtube, just to be on the correct frequency ?.

Atoms and a staff were the first images I “saw” before I started, I had no idea what the picture would look like in the end, I just followed my intuition in the process.

Made with love, many positive vibes for everyone!



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