The power of water

The power of water

During last winter we saw in Australia large nature reserves going up in flames. Many people lost their homes, some even their lives. More than a billion animals died, a staggering number.

The water supply was compromsed and the heat only made it worse.

Last summer, even here in Belgium, the mercury rose above 40 gr c and we had to watch our water consumption.

We should be concerned about the intention of Wall Street, they want to commercialize water based on the Australian model. There the Water lords rule and they shut off the water (coming from the rivers!) to farmers who can’t pay.

In my opinion, wate is a basic right for every human and I believe these practices are a crime.

Water is the beginning of all life, we call our earth the blue planet, I do hope water doesn’t become the blue gold.

With the moon as a silent witness (tides), I placed the kangaroo, koala and emu at the front. They symbolise the animals lost during this terrible period in Australia.

Of course my heart goes out to all the animals on this planet, no life without water… not even for us, humans…

With love, Monos

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