Inner sanctum

It is currently a challenge to keep your balance. The collective consciousness shows fear, anger and sadness. In order not te become the plaything of these emotions, I dive deep into my heart, my inner sanctum. To me, nature and my studio are places were this feels easier to do. There I experience the connection with my soul, the universe and above, I feel a lot of love.

In the background you see the labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral, which is also called the seat of the heart. This is a 1-way labyrinth, it has no dead ends. Sometimes you find yourself closer to the centre, sometime further, a metaphor for our path of life and transformation.

It just so happens, I choose a woman with a Hawaiian appearance. Afterwards, I realized that Ho’oponopono is originated in Hawaï. I practice this every day… I love… thank you…

Grateful for all ‘coincidences’ …

Created from my frequency,



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